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Dont Talk to Strangers

I have been writing since I was a little boy. I remember watching South Park at age 9 and writing my own episodes. Aside from some curse words and sexual humor that you don't expect from a nine year old, there really was not much there. In middle school I used to write short stories, usually about myself and some of the things that had happened to me. To this day no one knows that a lot of the events I have written about are true. This is something that people have always asked about. I remember writing a story, "Don't Talk to Strangers," which was a series of events that happen to a teenage boy. I was told to change the ending by my teacher who believed the other students could not handle it. It essentially revolved around central character Ethan and his quest for a girlfriend, also a common theme in my writing. The story began with a teacher telling her students to remember never to speak with strangers. Ethan, wanted a girl very badly and he knew that he had a journey ahead of him. However, in the story he is given multiple forms of advice by multiple strangers, which teaches Ethan that strangers are in fact okay to talk to. In the story, Ethan is fixated on a girl named Cary, his long time English partner.

    She sat in front of me and faced me in English class. Nothing made me happier in those pre-teen years than when Cary wore skirts, I don't think I need to explain why. However, in the version of the story that I wrote. Cary and Ethan got hitched. In the real version, she never came back to school after we spoke romantically for the first time. In a story called "Don't Talk to Strangers" you don't expect two kids to get hitched.  It made almost no sense, except for the A and nice job mark I received for the story. However, what if I changed the ending so that it did make sense. What if that story had ended with me telling Cary that strangers had given me the best advice. What if I told her to go talk to a stranger and ask him for advice. What if she took my advice.   Sometimes  the truth can make for a more meaningful story. Like I said, I never saw Cary after that.

 Dont Talk to Strangers

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