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Forum Thread: Mistakes of Freelance Writers

The road of self-publishing brings many satisfactions, but it is complicated and full of obstacles. The author, who usually limited himself to writing, must assume several roles: designer, layout designer, proofreader and publicist. We present 4 mistakes of freelance writers when publishing their books that you should keep in mind if you want to try your luck on your own and succeed:

Forum Thread: Why Should Your Business Have 833 Numbers?

Without a doubt, customers remain important to any company. Customers that feel valued by contacting a company in a regular fashion will talk about the company to people they know. By the way, the products and services of your company will spread like nothing. The good reviews spread as like the bad ones. You have to give your customers a way to contact you any day anytime from any location. If that is what you are thinking about, then you should reckon having the toll free numbers for them. ...

Forum Thread: Fact in Fiction

Hey guys, I love putting real events and real stories into fiction so that I can write a really excellent story. Can anyone think of any great examples of events from real life that have been placed in fiction. Perhaps, events that you put in your fiction.

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