Forum Thread: Mistakes of Freelance Writers

The road of self-publishing brings many satisfactions, but it is complicated and full of obstacles. The author, who usually limited himself to writing, must assume several roles: designer, layout designer, proofreader and publicist. We present 4 mistakes of freelance writers when publishing their books that you should keep in mind if you want to try your luck on your own and succeed:

1. Do Not Invest In the Quality of Your Work

As we said, the author goes on to perform functions that are not always his specialty, such as design. To think that the content is fantastic is not enough reason to neglect the form. Those authors who invest in the quality of their publications and achieve a good finish cause a better impression and are more likely to be read. A careful edition is much more than just a facade: it shows interest in your project and transmits professionalism. You can work your own design or if you prefer to leave it in our hands.

2. Too Many Expectations

You must be realistic. When you launch your first book, it is important to be clear that you may only sell a few copies, and that selling and publishing are two different things. You can start from custom essay service and writing short articles. Work hard and do not dream of writing live from the first moment. This critical thinking will help you keep your feet on the ground and at the same time pursue your goals.

3. Do Not Get Involved In the Promotion

«I just want to limit myself to writing, publicizing the book is not part of my work». If this idea is around your head, maybe self-publishing is not your thing. Who else will take the reins of the promotion of the project? Getting the public to know your work is the hardest part of the independent publication. That this work is in your hands has many advantages: you can choose who to address, how to organize the campaign. Even in the traditional edition, this task falls, more and more often, on the author himself. You take the reins of your project and you will receive most of the benefits: get involved and draw up a good communication plan that begins before the book is launched. Otherwise, taking into account the number of books published each year, you will be one more on the list.

4. Fall into The Topics.

Is your text original? Is it a new story or does it bring something new? There are hundreds of novels on the same topics. If you do not tell your story from a different angle, you can hardly make it stand out. Take care of the content and remember: the topics are finite, the ways of counting them, no.

If you have more information or advices for freelance writers post it under my article. Lets help young writers.

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