Cosmetic Surgery: Creating Beauty or Beast? - Dr. Sid Miraffati

Flawless beauty and a perfect body is in demand all over the world. It has become a very important factor not just for celebrities but also for common people like you and me. In this era, people have forgotten that beauty is related to both body and mind, where the body reflects external beauty while the mind shows inner beauty. Today, no one really cares about the real beauty. The present world is more about attractive packaging (external beauty) and no one cares for the beauty beneath the skin.

According to Dr. Sid Miraffati, Cosmetic surgery is in great demand these days as external looks matter more to the majority of people across the globe. People are blindly enamored with a perfect body and skin. To make themselves look flawless and feel good, they are welcoming various types of cosmetic surgeries. Even teens are not hesitant about undergoing cosmetic treatment to achieve their goals of the perfect body and flawless beauty.

Why Is Cosmetic Surgery Booming?

In this modern world, people are judged by their appearance, body, and beauty. Society has redefined beauty and has set high beauty standards. Media, celebrities, and society have raised the bar of appearance and beauty to a great extent. Common people are continuously bombarded with many advertisements, etc on how they should become flawless or look great. This makes each one of us conscious about our own appearance. Because of this, people tend to have lower self-esteem and confidence and they desire to correct their flaws with the help of cosmetic surgery.

The redefined beauty and body perceptions have changed the definition of real beauty. For those who are not satisfied with their natural looks, they can seek the help of cosmetic surgery. It is also popularly known as 'plastic surgery'. Cosmetic surgery is a process of correction, restoration, and changing the appearance of a person with the power of cosmetic procedures and aesthetic methods. It offers people a chance to change their body or appearance.

Cosmetic surgery is a popular approach to accentuating beauty and body through cosmetic, surgical and reconstructive surgery. Though it does not promote personality, it makes people confident with flawless looks and beauty. People from all over the world are obsessed with the new standards of beauty and want to transform themselves as per the new set standards.

Why Is Cosmetic Surgery a Beast?

In the desire of looking great and flawless, in reality, people have lost their unique character and personality. Beauty has become a means of temporary satisfaction. With the changing trend, modern people have become addicted to the cosmetic treatments and no one is ready to stop with a single surgery. The true essence of cosmetic surgery has lost as it was limited or planned to assist people with cleft or defects issues or injured war armies.

Development of cosmetic treatments has received a major push to change what is normal and typical outlook. Today, the purpose of cosmetic surgery has drastically changed. There is now competition with peers to look flawless and have the perfect body.

Before it is too late, it is better we accept our flaws and love the way we are.
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